Mantra BestForm

Polyclucosamine, bitter orange extract and ginger supplemented with vitamins and trace elements for weight-conscious diet.

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Mantra BestForm with 7 vitamins and 3 trace elements in a base of traditional ingredients (polyglucosamine, bitter orange and ginger) to promote energy Balance and for better micronutrients at a weight-conscious diet.

Bitter orange is traditionally considered warm making spice. In modern biochemical Point of view based on the fact basal metabolic rate can be raised by the nutrient synephrine contained here.


Food Supplement  with 7 vitamins and 3 trace elements in a base of traditional ingredients.

Ingredients (amounts for 4 capsules per day):

Polyclucosamin (1,600 mg), bitter orange extract mixture (80 mg extract in 260 mg ginger spice powder), ascorbic acid (80 mg Vitamin C = 100% RM), nicotinic acid (15 mg = 94% RM), zinc gluconate (6 mg zinc = 60% RM), pyridoxine hyrochloride (Vitamin B6 2 mg = 143% RM), Riboflavin (1,5 mg Vitamin B2 = 107% RM), thiamine hydrochloride (1,4 mg of Vitamin B1 = 127% RM), folic acid (100 mg = 50% RM), chromium Chlorid (100 mg chromium = 250% RM), Na-selenite (30 micrograms selenium = 55% RM), cyanocobalamin (2 µg Vitamin B12 = 80% RM).

Storage: dry, not above 25 degrees, protect from sunlight

Recommended dosage: lunch & dinner 2 capsules with plenty of fluids, 30 minutes before meal.

Content: 59 g / 90 capsules (1 capsule 655 mg)

Important advice

Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet or healthy lifestyle. The daily recommended consumption not be exceeded!

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