Mantra Eyes & Vision Lutein 12

Important nutrients – and protective substances for the eye. With well – known eye micronutrients, frankincense (400 mg/ day) and vegetable bioflavonoid.

Package: 120 capsules


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Mantra Eyes & Vision Lutein 12 is developed according to the latest nutritional findings with eye-specific nutrients and protective substances.

Mantra Eyes & Vision is a scientifically based combination eye specific cytoprotective conventional nutrients such as Vitamin A and C and trace elements zinc and copper in a base of traditionally used plant substances, such as extracts of Grape seed and granberry and Frankincense resin in African Quality and cinnamon.

Dietary supplements with the most important nutrients and protective substances for the eyes.


Dietary supplements with the most important nutrients and protective substances for the eyes.

Ingredients (quantities for 2 capsules per day):

Frankincense powder – Frankincense resin in African premium Quality – (400 mg), ascorbic acid (250 mg Vitamin C = 313% RM), bioflavonoidcomlex from Grape seed extract, cranberry extract and Ceylon cinnamon powder (120 mg), alpha-tocopherol Acetat (50 mg Vitamin E = 417% RM), alpha-lipoic acid (30 mg), Lutein (12 mg), zinc gluconate (10 mg zinc RM = 100%), nicotinic acid (9 mg = 56% RM), pyridoxine hydrochloride (4 mg Vitamin B6 = 286% RM), copper (1.000 µg = 100% RM), folic acid (400 mg = 200 % RM), chromium Chloride (100 µg chromium = 250% RM), Na-selenite (70 micrograms selenium = 127% RM), fillers microcrystalline Cellulose and Silicon dioxide, separating Agent Magnesium salt of fatty acids.

Storage: dry, not above 25 degrees, protect from sunlight

Recommended dosage: daily 2 capsules after meal

Content: 92 g / 120 capsules (1 capsule 770 mg).

Important advice

Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet or healthy lifestyle. The daily recommended consumption should not be exceeded!

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