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Mantra Frankincense capsules

Nutrient combination with incense powder (400 mg, Frankincense resin in African premium quality), Vitamin E and D, zinc and selenium.

Mantra 400 Original Frankincense Capsules

Food Supplement with 400 mg powder Frankincense (Frankincense resin in African Premium Quality) per capsule.

Mantra 3Protect Vascular Activ

Antioxidant nutrient combination with frankincense (800 mg/ day, frankincense resin in african premium Quality), gingko extract (100 mg/ day – 24% total flavonoids) and turmeric extract (100 mg/ day – 95% curcuminoid), Vitamin E and D3, zinc, selenium and black pepper.

Mantra Eyes & Vision Lutein 12

Important nutrients – and protective substances for the eye. With well – known eye micronutrients, frankincense (400 mg/ day) and vegetable bioflavonoid.

Mantra Energy B12

Combination of nutrients for mental and physical Performance enhancement with gingseng extract (400 mg/ day), catuaba (300 mg/ day), mate powder (200 mg/ day) and caffeine, supplemented with vitamins B12 and B6 and folic acid.

Mantra Ginkgo OPC

Nutient combination with extracts of gingko (100 mg/ day – 24 % total flavonoids) and Grape seed (100 mg/ day – 85 % Polyphenols) combined with vitamins C, E, B2, B6, B12 plus ß-carotene and folic acid.

Mantra Q10 Premium 50 mg

Pure energy for Nerves and Psyche on premature exhaustion.
Coenzym Q10 (50 mg/ day) with Ginseng extract (250 mg/ day) and Vitamins C and E, Selenium and Lecithin.

Mantra Heart BB Fol

Nutrient combination with Grape seed extract (350 mg/ day – at least 85% polyphenols) and vitamins B6, B12, D3 and folic acid contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism in.

Mantra ArthroSTAR Joint nourishment with Frankincense

Nutrient combination with glucosamine (1,000 mg/ day), chondroitin (500 mg/ day) and Frankincense (800 mg/ day, Frankincense resin in African premium Quality) combined with Vitamin E and D3.

Mantra Active for Bones & Joints

Valuable bone and Joints specific ingredients such as glucosamine (1,000 mg/ day), chondroitin (500 mg/ day), calcium and Vitamin D3.

Mantra ImmunFit

Antioxidant Vitamin and nutrient combination to help maintain normal function of the immune System. Plant extracts from cranberry (37 mg POC/ day) and green tea (432 mg polyphenols/ day) combined with vitamins C,E,D3 and zinc and ß-carotene.

Mantra Green Tea Extract Plus

Extracts of green tea and turmeric with a high Content of EGCG and curcuminoids and black pepper. 868 mg total polyphenols/ day.

Mantra Cranberry plus C

Nutrient combination with cranberry extract (56 mg POC/ day), Rosemary (240 mg/ day) and Vitamin C to Support a healthy immune function, also in the area of the bladder.

Mantra BladderComp

Pumpkin seed extract (500 mg/ day) combined with mixture of lovage, Rosemary and centaury (324 mg/ day) and Vitamin B6.

Mantra PumpkinComp

Nutrient combination with soy isoflavones and pumpkin seed extract (300 mg/ day) and Vitamin E, and selenium D3 especially for men.

Mantra Basic Mineral

Basic Mineral mix for the acid - base balance.

Mantra Curcurlonga plus CC

Nutrient combination with turmeric (900 mg/ day) and cranberry extract (240 mg) plus Vitamin C and black pepper. In Support of the digestive tract and for a strong immune system.

Mantra Intenstinal Flora

Mantra Intenstinal Flora Active Cultures with 6 probiotic, living, active intestinal microorganisms – 5 Billion germs per capsule.

Mantra Ginger Capsules

Ginger root (1,050 mg/ day) with valuable phytochemicals for the stomach and intestines.

Mantra BestForm

Polyclucosamine, bitter orange extract and ginger supplemented with vitamins and trace elements for weight-conscious diet.

Mantra Cinnamon Capsules

For diabetic nutrient with Ceylon Cinnamon (1,000 mg/ day), alpha-lipoic acid, chromium and vitamins.

Mantra FirstLady Beauty Capsules

Beauty Complex for Skin, hair, nails and connective tissue. Soy extract and silica phytocomplex (300 mg/ day) supplemented with an outstanding amount of vitamins and Minerals.

Mantra LaDonna

Soy-Isoflavones (100 mg Isoflavones/ day) combined with Vitamin B6, B12, D3, folic acid and zinc especially for the woman.

Mantra Carotene PLUS

Especially for the Skin with antioxidant vitamins and selenium in a vegetable base of Goji extract and green tea extract.

Mantra for Sleep

Nutrient combination with valerian root extract, Passion flower extract and Melatonin combined with 5 B vitamins.